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Use Your Seasonal Energetic Powers and Stop Pushing Rocks Uphill

Hi, Adele Wang here. If you've been feeling tired, overwhelmed, and exhausted, here's a tip that I think will help you in amplifying your energy.

I'm in the middle of the forest. It's fall. It's my favorite time of the year. It's the time of year for harvest if you're a farmer. And if you look at the leaves, they are letting go. It's a time for celebration on the calendar for Thanksgiving and Halloween. And preparing for the winter.

I want to ask you…do you have a sense internally of where you are in your seasons?

When women work more with their natural seasons, and it doesn't have to be with the physical seasons of the year, you will naturally have more energy, because you're going to be working more with your natural rhythm! You may be in one season with your relationship, another season with your career, third with fitness.

Do you know if you are in spring, summer, fall, or winter?

Spring is a time of great ideas...planting seeds.

Summer is a time of the work... till the soil. You don't want to pull anything out before it's time, just to try to make it grow faster.

Fall is a time of harvest. Appreciate what you grew. Celebrate! And it's time to let go of what's no longer serving you.

And then moving down into winter, which is a time of deep rest.

If you look at these trees in a few months, it will look like nothing's going on up here. There might be snow on the ground. But underneath in the roots there's a lot of activity.

Women are the same. Our culture in general has this idea we want things to be in spring and summer all the time! 365 x 7.

And if you're a farmer you know what happens if you try to do that. You wear out the land. You wear out the soil.

Take a moment to appreciate what has gone well.

What are the fruits of your labor?

What have you grown?

And celebrate.

And it's time to take account of what's not working. Let it go. You don't need to keep hanging on to every leaf if you're a tree...let it go so that you can move into winter for deeper rest. If you don't rest, you will never have the resources for a good spring.

Our culture is afraid of winter. We're very uncomfortable with rest, death. Because we are not always sure there's going to be a rebirth.

But just like in nature, the snow always melts when spring comes and it's a little bit like that with us.

You might be in spring with your relationship, and fall in another part of your life. Do you have a sense of where you are in these different phases? So that you can work with the natural energy and not be trying to play spring and summer all the time at everything - burning yourself out.

And when you have a more internal sense of where you are, then the deeper practice is...let's say you are I stuck because I'm not able to move forward because I'm really heading into fall and winter and I need rest?

Or are you stuck because there's some limiting thing that I need to work through? And if you can get clarity on that...instead of beating yourself up and working're going to get a lot more results!

Take a lesson from Mother Earth and work with your natural energy.

And just remember, even if you're afraid of letting go and moving into winter...spring always comes!

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  1. Loved your video! #SpringAlwaysComes

  2. Interesting article Adele. I'm in the middle of spring and summer all the time. But I love snow and am definitely not afraid of winter ... just don't ever seem to get there with my business.

    Thanks for some interesting things to consider. Food for thought for sure!