Friday, March 1, 2013

Adele's Top 10 Ways to Annoy a Healer

In case you're wondering how to annoy a healer, here's a nifty list to start with. Heck, David Letterman has nothing on me with these real life snippets.

1.  "What religion are you? Are you a witch? I don't want to see a witch."

2.  "Sorry for missing my appointment.  You know, I’m so spiritual, I lose track of time. It must mean I wasn't supposed to come in after all..."

3.  "The last person wanted $5000 to remove a curse on me. How much do you charge to remove curses?"

4.  "I’d love to come in, but the government is listening in on our conversation right now. They’re afraid of my power and what could happen if I get well."

5.  "I can't come in today. I'm a Sagittarius."

6.  "I just want you to remove all the bad energy from all the evil people around me. Then everything will be just fine."

7.  "Nothing ever works for me. But I'll try you anyway."

8.  "I need a guaranteed result, or I just don’t want to bother.  I don’t ask for a guarantee from doctors. But I want one from you."

9.  "Your work is absolutely incredible. Can I pay you next month? I have bills."

10. "Just fix me. I don't really want to have to do anything..."

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  1. So I have got to know... are these things that people have actually said to you?!

  2. Hi Robert! Yep, this is the stuff people have actually said. Sometimes in the moment I would just say "Hmmm," but then I decided to collect them into a Top 10 list for later pondering. :)


  3. I like your tip 10 comments or people excuses. Nothing is Free!!! Enjoyed my session with you.. Your technic are different. Looking forward for the rest of my sessions. Thank You So Much .. I know your time is valuable. The people that made these comments or said to you are not serious about getting spiritual energy balance. I am

  4. Thanks Ninfa! Glad the work is helping you!